Changes Coming to University Legacy E-mail Systems

Message to Community: Changes Coming to University Legacy E-mail Systems

With the implementation of Office 365/UTmail+ across the University, we will begin decommissioning the institutional legacy email services, UTORexchange and UTORmail, beginning February 1, 2019.

Account holders who are eligible for UTmail+ will have the opportunity to upgrade to Office 365. Account holders who are not eligible will have the opportunity to export e-mail messages and contacts before the account is shut down and deleted. Alternatively, if individuals believe eligibility criteria to be incorrect, they may contact their department to correct their status.

NOTE: The decommissioning of UTORexchange and UTORmail does not affect active Office 365/UTmail+ account holders.

The first stage in decommissioning will be for UTORexchange accounts. The Office 365 Team will be sending notification messages directly to outstanding UTORexchange account holders beginning February 1, 2019.

See details about the Guidelines and Policies affecting the decommissioning of institutional legacy email services.