Q. Will I see corporate advertising?

A. Student outsourced emails accounts will not display corporate advertising. Note that this is different to public free accounts, as we will be part of an Education Edition agreement.

Q. Would anyone lose their job?

A. The intent is that no one would lose their job. The project would free up people resources (by relieving them of a mundane task) to be redeployed to do other important tasks for their Faculty/Department/Unit.

Q. Are other institutions doing this?

A. Many universities and colleges recognize that email and calendaring are utility services and are getting out of directly supporting these services. Approximately 28% of the post-secondary institutions in the United States now use external services for their email (a rise from 5% just two years ago).

Q. Why is the University considering this change?

A. University of Toronto would like to move away from providing services that are considered ‘utility’ and reallocate those resources to projects that are more innovative and distinguish our core offering from other Universities. Second, we want to expose our students to a rich set of leading-edge tools and applications that can be used to enhance communication and also provide students with a viable calendaring option, which at this time they do not have access to.