Q. Is my email encrypted on the outsourced email servers?

A. No. This is the case for almost all email, regardless of the provider. Just as is true today, if private communication is desired over email you should use PGP encryption with your email program, or a plugin in Firefox. Alternatively, put the document somewhere in a secure web site and send a link in the email rather than the document itself.

Q. Is outsourced email secure?

A. Email is, by nature, insecure. Outsourced e-mail is at least as secure as the current campus email service, and arguably more secure. While in transit, email is often unencrypted and could be intercepted. You should always assume email is not private. This is true for all email services.
When you check your email, the outsourced e-mail services provides a secure connection from your web browser and/or email client. This encrypts the data between you and the email servers while you view it or collect mail. This is the same system that banks use to secure your connection for online banking.

Q. What happens to my old email?

A. Your UTORmail account e-mail content located on the server will be migrated to UTmail+ according to a migration schedule that will be published in the early Fall 2011.  Local folders that are not stored on the server will be up to you to migrate as well as your contacts.   Following migration, your UTORmail account will continue to be forwarded to the new UTmail+ service for a period of two (2) years, with a possible extension.