Enrolment FAQ

Before Enrolment

Enrolment - before

Q: I am a student employee. Can I switch to UTmail+?

If you are a student employee, you may enrol for UTmail+, however, email messages sent to your @utoronto.ca will not be automatically forwarded to your new @mail.utoronto.ca. See the article “UTmail+ for Students with Staff Status” for more details about how the transtion to UTmail+ will differ from standard enrolment.

Q: Will I lose my @utoronto.ca email address?

No.  We will preserve this email address for you.

Q: If I’m getting a new email address, what will it be?

Your new email address will end in @mail.utoronto.ca. For example: If your current @utoronto.ca email address is terry.lee@utoronto.ca, your new email address will be terry.lee@mail.utoronto.ca.

Q: What happens if I decline the service at the time of enrolment?

If you choose to decline the UTmail+ service, you will still get an @mail.utoronto.ca email address but will be required to provide us with a an alternative address to which messages will be rerouted.

By declining service you acknowledge that: 

  1. There are known problems that will occasionally prevent important messages from reaching you—under the University’s “Policy on Official Correspondence with Students”  you are still responsible if an important message fails to reach you.
  2. You will not have access to UTmail+ functionality—this may limit your ability to collaborate with other University members.
  3. Declining UTmail+ service is not the best way to forward your e-mail. If you require a forward service, please create your UTmail+ account and forward your e-mail using built in UTmail+ forward functionality.  Although forwarding may still result in messages not being delivered, for which are you still responsible, you will have access to the full suite of UTmail+ services.

Q: Will mail sent to my @utoronto.ca be automatically forwarded to my new email address?

For the majority of students, yes. For students who are also employed by the University, the forwarding will not be automatic.  You must set your own forwarding preferences.

Q: Will I lose access to my messages on UTORmail via UTORwebmail (webmail.utoronto.ca)?

UTORmail for students will be retiring.  However, you will be able to access your email via UTORwebmail until UTORmail for students is shut down.

Q: I’m a faculty member. Can I get UTmail+?

UTmail+ is currently only available for students, however, please contact us for further details.

After Enrolment

Enrolment – after

Q: I’ve enrolled and elected to decline the service but change my mind now. Can I re-enrol?

Yes. Proceed to the enrolment site and go through the steps again, changing your options.

Q: What happens when I graduate?

At the time of your graduation, you will be informed of your service options as a UofT alumnus.  More details coming soon.  Please come back to this website for more information.

Q: How long do I get to keep my @utoronto.ca or @mail.utoronto.ca email address for after I graduate?

We are still working out the details.   More information coming soon!


Enrolment – general

Q: What if I elect to do nothing?

UTORmail for students will be retiring and accounts will be shut down.  Please consider enrolling as soon as possible.