Guidelines and Policies affecting the decommissioning of institutional legacy email services

Guideline on Access to Email for University of Toronto Employees

Access to technology resources such as email is a privilege offered to University of Toronto employees based on their employment status. When an employee’s employment relationship with the University ends, they are no longer entitled to retain access to University of Toronto email services.

The granting, termination, and changing of email access for employees occurs when Human Resources determines eligibility. Although ITS performs the technical actions for these processes, since these actions are driven by employment status, determinations about when they should occur will be informed by Human Resources.

Work is currently in progress to finalize eligibility criteria. Generally, the following criteria are applied to determine eligibility:

  • Active faculty and staff (including sessionals) have full access to UTmail+ services
  • Retired/Emeritus Faculty and Librarians retain their UTmail+ e-mail accounts
  • Retired staff are not eligible for UTmail+ accounts with the exception of alumni, who may retain their accounts.

Loss of Email Access Due to Account Abandonment

When an email account is abandoned by an individual, they are no longer considered eligible to use that account. An individual is deemed to have abandoned their account if they have not successfully logged into the account with their UTORid and password over a period of six months. Logging-in means successfully connecting to read messages or confirming that all messages are to be forwarded elsewhere.