Tips & Tricks

Looking to break free from those high school email accounts?

It’s time to bury your multiple email personalities and open your eyes to everything your school email account has to offer.

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Do you want to forward your emails from other accounts?

  1. Login to your other email account & select “mail options”
  2. Within forwarding options, add campus email account
  3. Login to campus email account & validate/approve forwarding verification email
  4. Log back in to other account & select the validated forwarding address and then enable forwarding

Need to know how to log in?

  1. Obtain your T-Card & UTORid Secret Activation Key (SAK)
  2. Go to to active your UTORid & setup your e-mail
  3. Go to for e-mail access
  4. Use your UTORid and password to log-in

Want to get organized and work from virtually anywhere?

  • 25GB of storage allows you to view, edit and share thousands of photos and Office-based documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote
  • Uploading content is easy as dragging and dropping the files from your computer on to the Web
  • Upload/download and collaborate on documents and other files with others at the same time

Busy Schedule and always on-the-go?

Want to learn how to get access to your email, contacts, calendar and files from all popular bowsers and mobile devices? We’ve got the answers:

Need a better way to manage group work?

The Dual Editing feature in Word and OneNote allows for two people to have simultaneous access to a document to edit and allow for real-time collaboration. Learn how to:

  1. Use the Word Webapp: Click Here to View
  2. Use the OneNote Webapp: Click Here to View

Need to make your group meeting more productive?

Enjoy seamless collaboration with your fellow students by opening your Microsoft Office-based files on your desktop or in the cloud. Make all major changes directly on your desktop and save it back onto SkyDrive.


(Content Credit: Microsoft Canada.  All content courtesy of Microsoft –